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  • New Home? Why You Need A Home Inspector Now

    Author: Michael Zegarra Date: January 1, 2015

    Purchasing a home is an exciting milestone. You’ve found your dream home, negotiated on all the terms and have now received an accepted offer. What does a home buyer do now? Often your purchase agreement includes conditions prior to the subject removal period. These conditions are to your benefit and also provide you an option to walk away from the negotiations. One of the conditions would include having your future home inspected by a licensed home inspector.

    The majority of home buyers enlist the services of a home inspector as an additional layer of due diligence.

    A home inspection is a visual inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home. The findings will include a list of what is not working properly, needs to be replaced, or is unsafe. Keep in mind, not detecting these conditions early on can lead to serious problems and potential expensive repairs down the road. As well, home inspectors will share home maintenance and home improvement recommendations.

    It’s best to schedule your home inspection well in advance of your subject removal date. This would provide you adequate time to review what was discussed during the on-site walk through, thoroughly review your home inspection report, make the necessary enquires with third party professionals, realtors, and current homeowner.

    Here’s an overview of what would be evaluated during a home inspection:

    Plumbing – domestic water supply plumbing, functional drainage, functional flow

    Electrical – service entry wires, electrical panels, electrical outlets & switches

    Foundation – cracks, moisture intrusion, foundation wall rotation Insulation & ventilation - wall, floor, ceiling insulation and attic, crawlspace venting arrangements

    Exterior cladding – wall materials, windows and exterior wall penetrations Interior finishes – ceiling, walls, flooring, stairs

    Exterior property – property grade, building settlement, stairs, fences, decks, balconies Roof - improperly flashing detailing, deteriorated roofing materials, altered roofing structure

    Air conditioning, HVAC & HRV Heat Recovery Ventilators – heat pumps, compressor units, HRV systems

    Overall structural integrity

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Author : Michael Zegarra

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